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The Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Technology (DSCT) program is jointly offered by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) in the School of Engineering (SENG) and the Department of Mathematics (MATH) in the School of Science (SSCI).

We are living in a world full of massive data. How to interpret and utilize the data with advanced strategies and technologies? The program will equip students with various mathematical tools, data analytical skills and IT technologies to make sense of data obtained from various sources. Through four-year training, students are expected to be familiar with the basic knowledge of data analytics, programming skills, and mathematical modeling.  Students will be provided industry experience to apply their knowledge to real life applications. This program provides students rigorous training not only on the mathematical and computational background but also on hands-on data analytical skills that give them a solid foundation for their future career.

Intended Learning Outcomes  

  • The ability to understand data problems arising in the areas of commerce and industry etc.
  • The ability to model data problems using different mathematical tools.
  • The ability to design and implement efficient algorithms to solve different mathematical models for data problems.
  • The ability to interpret the results provided by different algorithms and apply them to the data problems to gain meaningful insights or offer predictions.
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